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The Sabine Strip was a forty-mile-wide stretch of wilderness and marsh land in the southwest corner of Louisiana. After the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, a dispute arose between Spanish Texas and the United States about control of some lands. As a result, an agreement was reached in 1806, which left this Strip unoccupied by troops or law enforcement officials. (This agreement remained in effect until 1821.)

Criminals and other outcasts sought refuge in this Strip, including pirates like the famed Jean Lafitte, who used his base in the Strip to conduct slave trading.

This Strip provides a picture of how some people spend their lives. Instead of seeking to please God, they look for ways to justify their own interests. Instead of being concerned with eternal values, they live for the moment, and do whatever they want, not worrying about consequences. In their world, there is no right and wrong, no sin or immorality.

The Bible helps us realize that this attitude may be common in the world but is unacceptable to God. This is a life of lawlessness. Of rebellion. And the Bible seeks to reveal to us why God not only established the world with laws but also gave us principles to govern our lives. These are the keys to having a life with meaning, fulfillment, and balance.

We are wise if we don’t embrace rebellion, but voluntarily seek to live according to His principles. To realize that He gave us His Word to show us how to live.

Today, ask God to show you if there is lawlessness in your heart. Are you justifying any actions without regard to His Word? Are you ignoring His principles in order to please your flesh? Humble yourself before Him. Submit your life to Him. And dedicate your time, talent, and treasure to Him. He will set you free.