Launching into Deep Water

Launching into Deep Water

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Simon Peter had been fishing in waters where he had considerable experience. He knew what to expect, and he felt safe and comfortable. He fell back on conventional thinking and did what everyone thought was normal.

But Jesus challenged him to think differently, to take a new approach.

Jesus wanted Peter to experience the kind of bountiful blessings only possible in the Kingdom of God. Not just adequate results, but an overwhelming harvest. Not just the ordinary, but the extraordinary. It was meant to be a life filled with miracles.

But this required going out into the deep water (v. 4). Peter had to leave behind his rational thinking, years of experience, and human expectations. By faith he had to enter the realm of faith where he would be stretched, needing to trust God every step of the way.

Because he trusted Jesus and went into deeper water, Peter received a bountiful catch that was far beyond his comprehension and expectation.

Today, ask yourself,  Am I content with the normal, the average, the expected? Or do I want to experience the extraordinary? Am I willing to step out in faith in order to receive the full measure of God’s Kingdom?

In God’s Kingdom, there are greater blessings and impact, more power, anointing, and miracles. But you will need to be ready to leave the ordinary and normal behind.

How far are you willing to trust God? He beckons you onward and deeper and deeper.