A Lasting Legacy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The man we know as St. Martin of Tours was born around 316 AD in what today is Hungary. These were years of turmoil and conflict. Although Christianity was spreading throughout the Roman world, pagan resistance remained strong, as did the hold of ancient superstitions.

Like many at the time, Martin became interested in Christianity through the influence of other Believers. After serving a time in the military, he studied with Hilary of Potiers, through whose influence Martin became more grounded in the Truth, and strongly devoted to the faith.

His uncompromising stand for Christianity met with opposition. But he became known for his humility, seeking to avoid the limelight and focus on his faith. He adopted a solitary lifestyle that became attractive for other Believers. Yet Martin frequently left this solitude to preach the Gospel, particularly throughout what is modern France.

Stories abound about his example and witness, and how lives were changed through his simple faith. How he defeated demonic opposition and how miracles took place. Frequently facing a hostile environment, he often risked his life, but nothing would silence him or prevent him from sharing his faith.

A most revealing insight into Martin’s character comes from his encounter with Sulpicius Severus. This Christian writer was stunned by the humble surroundings in which a man of Martin’s stature lived, and equally impressed with the hospitality he was offered, demonstrated when Martin washed his hands and feet.

Martin became so widely admired that, as historian Will Durant described, today “3675 churches and 425 villages in France” bear his name. He had such impact because of his humility, unwavering faith, and consistent commitment to the Gospel.

Today, think about your legacy. Are you impacting Souls for God’s Kingdom? What are you doing with your resources? And what will others say about you?