Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As we think about the world, our hearts can feel a range of emotions. Fear and anxiety. Hope and uncertainty. At times we may not know how to feel.

For some, the concept of the labyrinth expresses their quandary. This word describes a combination of paths in which it is difficult to find our way and easy to get lost. Many people feel trapped like they are in a labyrinth. Looking at life, they feel lost and unsure of what to believe or what to do.

These are times to turn to God, to seek Him with renewed intensity, and to trust Him. As the Bible reminds us, life is a mystery. There is so much we can’t understand, like the wind, which “blows wherever it wants.” We can hear it but “can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going” (John 3:8). This helps us understand God’s Spirit and why we need to trust Him.

As you think about life, you may feel that you are in a labyrinth. Perhaps confused. Not sure about your next steps or where to go. The Bible promises that focusing on God can bring clarity and direction. You will no longer feel lost, but then you can find your way and gain His perspective.

Trusting in God can give you hope. Standing on His Word can help you find meaning. Following His Spirit can provide guidance and the strength you need.