Knowing the Times

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout past centuries, as people observed the weather, they could make general observations about the temperature. They sensed whether it was “hot” or “cold,” or “warmer” or “colder” than the previous day. But Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit changed that. Born on this day in 1686, Fahrenheit developed the first modern thermometer. Basing his invention on mercury, Fahrenheit’s device was more accurate than anything used previously.

Since his time, advances have been made in measuring temperature with much more precision. Thermometers now come in numerous shapes and sizes. Satellites provide us with global perspectives of patterns that impact our weather, often weeks in advance.

Yet in many ways, many people still rely on personal observations to determine the weather and what they sense might be coming.

In the spiritual realm, Jesus described the importance of being a good observer of the times in which we live. To have an understanding about events in the world, and what they mean from God’s perspective. This sensitivity is important to having perspective on trends for our plans and actions.

This attitude also is critical for our spiritual lives. Guided by God and His Spirit, we need to stay sensitive to what He is doing in our lives. To have insight into the meaning of prophecy, as it applies to us. To have His perspective on world conditions, and be able to recognize the ways He is acting in the world, often in ways others might not recognize.

In your life, ask God to give you discernment. To help you know the spiritual “temperature.” To be able to recognize the signs of the times. To know where we are on His eternal timetable. To be ready.