Knowing the Seasons

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Year after year, birds follow precise migratory paths. They depart on exact dates and travel to specific destinations. Nothing is random or haphazard. They simply know what to and when to do it. There is no resistance or hesitation. These patterns are ingrained into their being.

These migratory patterns teach us to marvel at God’s creative design. But they also provide an important message. For we, too, have been created by God. And He established patterns in our lives as well. We, too, have been given seasons to follow and fundamental needs to address.

But there also are differences: While birds don’t question their core values or their nature, we have the ability to choose. We either can follow God’s patterns or go our own way. We can choose to obey Him or ignore and disobey His laws.

Birds instinctively know there is a time to return to the foundations. But many people “fall and do not get up again.” They “turn away” and do not repent. They go down the wrong path and still won’t follow God’s design.

The Lord saw how His people “turned away in continual apostasy.” Instead of being like birds and returning to their home, they refused to change, becoming “like a horse charging into the battle.” They just kept going, and they suffered the consequences.

God has given us His patterns and principles for our good! He wants us to realize that obeying Him is the way to find fulfillment and maximum blessings…to peace and satisfaction…and to a life of purpose and meaning. This is what our Heavenly Father wants for us.

Today, be sure to make the right choices. Make God’s Word the foundation of your life. Seek to follow the seasons He has established, and live according to His principles.