Know Your Enemy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Know your enemy,” is a phrase probably derived from the Art of War, written in the second century BC by Chinese strategist Sun-Tzu. He wrote that “one who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement.” This insight has been applied to everything from business to sports and is a key to victory in many types of battle.

This insight applies to our spiritual life as well. Many Christians don’t experience victory because they don’t know our enemy—Satan. As a result, we are weak and vulnerable, deceived and misled, confused and uncertain. To have victory over our enemy, we need to understand his schemes.

Paul said Satan looks for ways to dominate our thoughts and influence our behavior. The devil wants us to think he has the advantages. He wants us to be afraid and worried, so we lose our joy and peace. He attempts to poison our relationships, finances, and spiritual lives, and he tries to make us question God and His Word.

We need to understand that Satan has diabolical plans, strategies, and purposes. If we are unaware of the way he thinks, he can surprise us and influence us in many unanticipated ways. He can take advantage of us and gain a foothold in our minds and emotions.

Today, remember God wants you to be victorious and experience His blessings. However, you will face lies from the enemy, so you must learn how he thinks by filling your mind with God’s Word.

Declare God’s promises to be true in your life. Ask Him to help you stay spiritually alert. Be aware of the spiritual warfare going on around you. Be bold and strong. Believe God for victory!