Just a Ritual?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Some skeptics examining the Christian life see nothing but rituals. They think prayers are just empty words inspired by wishful thinking, that the Bible is just a collection of myths, and that hymns are just emotional exercises. Some even wonder if Jesus ever really existed.

But Believers should know the Truth. Those who have had a life-changing experience with God. Who have been in His presence and have a vital relationship with Him. Whose lives have been transformed by faith in Jesus, and who have made Him their Lord. Who are filled with the Spirit, and know that He is real.

We think about this dimension as we consider the dedication of Solomon’s temple. As God’s people gathered for this special event and time of prayer, something extraordinary happened. Fire came down and the place was filled with “the glory of the LORD.” This was no religious ritual or emotional experience. It was very real! Overwhelmed, they all bowed down “with their faces to the ground.” They could not help but worship and praise God.

This presents a powerful picture of true worship for those with a real relationship with God. Whose faith is not a ritual or a habit, but who know that He is real, that Jesus is the Son of God, and that the Holy Spirit really is with us. That the Bible is true, and can change lives.

Is this your testimony? Or is your Christian life more ritual than revelation? Ask God to make His presence more real for you. Don’t be content with habit or tradition. Seek to be transformed by real encounters with the living God.