When Jesus Seemed to Pass By

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The disciples were in trouble. The seas were rough and they were being buffeted by strong winds. Jesus knew they needed help, and went straight to them, “walking [directly] on the sea.” But then something surprising happened. Instead of continuing to “come to them,” He “acted as if He meant to pass by them” (Amplified Bible).

This must have been a real shock to the disciples! Why would Jesus seem to walk by them, at a time when they really needed His help?

We know that He cared about these men. And He knew their need. It seems clear that His actions were intentional. That He was acting in a specific way with actions designed to inspire their response. Yet the Bible makes clear that He “would have passed them by.”

But then they “cried out” to Him. The Greek word here, rarely used in the Bible, indicates a very loud cry. They did not use a normal voice, but spoke more intensely. In other words, Jesus responded only after they had cried loudly and vehemently, from the depths of their being.

We should not be surprised if Jesus acts this way toward us. As we face trials and difficulties, it can seem that He does not hear us, that He is passing us by. But, as He did with the disciples, He may want to see how we react. Do we really want His help? Are we willing to cry out with intensity? Loudly? With determination?

How are you reacting to the storms of life? Don’t be silent. And don’t be discouraged or give up. Just as He did with the disciples, Jesus urges you to cry out loudly, intensely, and vehemently. And to be persistent.