Jesus Has Come

Jesus Has Come!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Horatius Bonar became an enthusiastic Bible student. Born in Scotland on this day in 1808, he had a passion for souls, and wrote many tracts and more than 500 hymns. Concerned about the impact of his words, he sought to write in a simple style so even children could understand the message.

In 1857, as he pondered the birth of Jesus, Bonar wrote a hymn called “He Has Come, the Christ of God.” He described how Jesus left the glories of Heaven to come for us. How he stooped “from His throne of bliss to this darksome wilderness.”

He came “to bid our sorrows cease,” to “scatter with His light all the shadows of our night.” Even though He is “the mighty King,” He came, “making this poor earth His home,” coming to “bear our sin’s sad load.”

His name alone “speaks deliverance” to all who will believe. Born a Child, He came from Heaven “bringing with Him from above Holy peace and holy love.”

Through this hymn, we see an expression of his lifetime priorities. As he asked on his deathbed, “Please don’t write a biography of me.” The purpose of his life was to “point men to Christ.”

For many people, the Christmas season means singing songs about the birth of Jesus. Creating happy memories. Doing special things. But the Bible reminds us that God’s purposes were much greater. Yes, how wonderful to fellowship. To share and celebrate.

But we must not forget the importance of pointing others to Jesus our Savior. To realize that He came that our sins might be forgiven and have eternal life. That in a world filled with uncertainty we might have peace and real freedom!