Jesus Died for You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Little is known about Barabbas. We know that, urged by the crowds, Pilate released this “notorious prisoner,” and sent Jesus to the Cross. But who, in fact, was Barabbas? And what impact did Jesus’ death have on his life?

One attempt to grapple with these questions was made by novelist Pär Lagerkvist, who was born in southern Sweden on this day in 1891. The winner of the 1951 Nobel Prize for Literature, his most acclaimed work was a novel, simply called Barabbas.

Here, Lagerkvist speculated about what might have happened if Barabbas had followed Jesus to Golgotha and witnessed the crucifixion. He might have been curious about the early Christians, and journeyed to Rome where he might have joined other Christians, and might have been crucified by their side. In this fictional account, his last words were, “To thee I deliver up my soul.”

Ultimately, all of us can picture ourselves in the place of Barabbas. How might we have reacted if we had been set free, and Jesus had been crucified in our place? Like Barabbas, all of us have committed sins and deserved God’s punishment. But, just as He did for Barabbas, Jesus died for us.

Today, remember that Jesus took your place. He died that you might be freed from your sins. In your life, ponder anew the meaning of His death, and what it means for you, and the world. Accept His free gift of salvation, and freedom from sin. He has taken your place. You can be free!

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