Jesus Calls Us

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

While her husband became an important church leader, Cecil Alexander, who was born in Ireland in 1818, had a ministry of her own, particularly through her poems.

The story is told that, one day in 1852, she was working on a new poem. When her husband inquired, she said it was based on his sermon from the previous Sunday. He looked surprised, commenting that he didn’t think she was paying attention. To prove him wrong, she correctly identified the theme.

Impressed, he later mentioned that the next Sunday was St. Andrew’s Day. He wondered if she might write a poem inspired by Andrew’s life. That night, before retiring, she read the Biblical account of Andrew’s call, and began writing her initial ideas. This eventually became the poem, “Jesus Calls Us,” which became a hymn with a powerful message, and many practical applications.

She described how life can be like a “wild, restless sea,” filled with “tumult.” But, no matter our circumstance, if we listen carefully, we can hear Jesus calling us, “His sweet voice” calling to us, “Christian, follow Me!”

She reminded readers how Andrew had heard Jesus calling, and turned away “from home and toil and kindred” and left all to follow Him.

She knew that the world attracts us, how easily we can worship “the vain world’s golden store.” Our days might be filled with joys or sorrows, “toil and hours of ease.” But “still He calls, in cares and pleasures, ‘Christian, love Me more than these!’”

Today, remember that Jesus calls you to follow Him. Seek to hear Him. Commit your way to Him, and don’t trust in your own understanding. Let Him direct your path.