Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Some believe in God but do not have an intimate relationship with Him. Many are born again yet aren’t transformed by His presence. Many are frustrated, wondering why they lack the results described in His Word.

Although at times he fell short, David discovered the possibility of a special kind of life. He called it dwelling in God’s sacred tent and living on His holy mountain. These were places where His presence was overwhelming, with no sin, corruption, or compromise.

Entering this realm required a total commitment, not just making promises but demonstrating their commitment in practical ways. Those seeking this intimacy focus their lives on God and are sold out for Him.

They always seek to do the right thing and avoid what is wrong. They always speak the truth and keep their promises regardless of consequences. They are trustworthy and faithful in their actions. They are careful to associate with Godly people, avoiding the ungodly. They honor “those who fear the Lord” (v. 4).

They commit their resources to Him. They seek first His kingdom and are compassionate, seeking to help the needy.

As a result of this intimacy, their lives are more transformed by His presence. They can bring their problems to Him. They “will never be shaken” (v. 5) and can have stability without worry or fear. Because of this unbroken fellowship,
they can hear from Him more clearly and flow more powerfully in His Spirit.