Internet of Things

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It has been the subject of debates in the U.S. Congress, and by politicians throughout the world. A subject of concern from security experts, and great interest to computer gurus and marketers. It is the “internet of things.”

As explained by Christopher Surdak, respected author and marketing consultant, the “internet of things” involves the connection of computers without human interaction. In other words, gone are the days when computers simply did the bidding of “programmers,” when they strictly were passive instruments.

As Surdak explains, the internet of things consists of “devices that are self-aware, user-aware.” Most importantly, they are “connected.” Verizon recently estimated that, as of 2014, there were 1.2 billion different devices connected to the Internet, and that the number will rise to 5.4 billion by 2020!

These connected machines never sleep, but perpetually work, always at lightning speeds, endlessly generating streams of data. Because of this perpetual activity, the data they develop dwarfs the level of information previously available.

For many, these are frightening concepts. These powerful machines already are searching through files with astonishing speed, collecting and sorting data, looking for information to process.

But the fact is that God already knows everything about our lives. That “all things are naked and open” to Him. That each of us, one day, will “give account” of our thoughts, words, and actions. The Bible describes the time when all will stand before Him, and the books of our lives will be opened. And we will be judged according to what we have done (Revelation 20:12).

In your life, seek to live in such a way that God is pleased with you. He is faster than the fastest computer. And He already knows everything about you. Be honest and open with Him.