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These were dark days. Nazi armies had vanquished Belgium and driven the British forces to the French coast. It seemed inevitable that the British army on the continent would be crushed, and that the British Isles would be invaded.

Many were afraid and panicked. But, while politicians and military leaders debated strategy, some turned to God.

Like the people of the Bible College of Wales. Throughout the war years, “the whole College was in prayer every evening from seven o’clock to midnight with only a brief interval for supper.” They also had other times of prayer, and days of fasting.

They were praying before the outbreak of war, and continued praying throughout the war. They prayed even when circumstances looked hopeless. After both defeats and victories, continuing to seek God.

On one particularly memorable day, Nazi planes passed overhead as the college leader, Rees Howells, began to speak. In spite of the sounds of war, Howells delivered his message.

“The congregation was held spellbound.” They sensed God’s presence, and the “certainty of victory.” Fear had lifted and suddenly they were filled with praise.

These dedicated Believers fought the battle in the Spirit, demonstrating true intercession. Intercession means praying even when circumstances don’t seem encouraging. When it may not seem that our prayers will be answered.

Praying through.

Our world needs intercessors. Prayer warriors. Ask God to give you a burden for prayer. Praying for
others. For nations. For elections and leaders. For the Lost. For revival. For open doors and receptive hearts. For God’s intervention in world affairs.

Let Him use you to battle in the Spirit!