Intensity and Excellence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There are many ways we can approach the tasks of life. And many ways to serve God. In the midst of busy schedules, facing many distractions, we can find ourselves cutting corners, compromising, or finishing a job just to get it done. Doing what seems “good enough” at the moment.

But the Bible provides a clear picture of the way God looks at our lives, how we decide to serve Him, and the things we do for His Kingdom. He desires and expects our best.

In fact, the importance of this level of commitment is made clear in the choice of words Jeremiah used. God is not just displeased when we are “deceitful” in doing His work. No, this matter is serious to God. In fact, there actually is a curse on those who do His work “deceitfully.”

The Hebrew word here makes it clear this curse applies to all who do their work for God half-heartedly. Who hold back, pretending to be totally motivated while actually not given their best. Who, in reality, are being deceitful, seeking to appear committed while being filled with compromise.

This principle applies to every aspect of our lives. If He calls us to a task, we are to do our best. To work as unto Him, with maximum energy, with excellence.

This applies to everyday tasks in our homes and families. To what we do with our resources and how we spend our time. To work done in the business world or in our churches. To our personal interaction with others, when called to minister or just share the Gospel. And it applies whether or not people notice, or we receive credit. For God knows!

Ask God to help you serve Him boldly and with your whole heart. With excellent and maximum intensity.