Instruments of Praise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Few might recognize his name, but people in every segment of society have experienced the contributions of Bartolomeo Cristofori. Born on this day in Italy in 1655, he invented the piano forte, predecessor of the piano.

Previously he had been a maker of harpsichords, the dominant keyboard instrument of the time. But harpsichords produced a sound lacking in variety. What made his piano forte unique was that it could change loudness, according to the ways keys were pressed.

Cristofori achieved that effect by replacing the plucking mechanism of the harpsichord with a hammer motion that could strike strings with greater or lesser force.

A master craftsman, Cristofori worked to improve the design of his piano, honing the shape of the frame and experimenting with various combinations of hammers and strings. A few of his pianos have survived, and they demonstrate just how effective his developments were.

Cristofori’s innovations led to the invention of our modern piano but also other keyboard instruments, the sounds heard in recordings and concerts, and in church gatherings, large and small.

His invention was not well known in his lifetime, but began a ripple effect that impacted culture, lifestyles, and entertainment for the past 400 years.

The Bible describes an array of instruments used during that time in history. We see the impact music can have by the change that took place in Saul when David played his harp.

Today, we have many more options, but the same opportunities to use music to help shape our emotions, to bring peace and express thoughts, to use our voices and instruments to praise God, and to impact lives for His Kingdom.