Innocence. Service. Purpose.

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Angels are powerful beings. Throughout the Bible, their presence inspired fear in those who encountered them. Yet as we see in Jesus’ description of future events, angels clearly have a defined and limited role.

Angels are faithful messengers, whose mission is to serve God. They serve Him with a purity and childlike innocence. God’s angels do not have their own agendas, nor do they exceed the limits He has given them. There clearly are things they do not know, but this does not bother them. They are content to know what God tells them, and they serve Him faithfully, without questioning His decisions.

But some angels refused to accept this limited role. Led by Satan, they rebelled against God. They exalted themselves, seeking their own kingdom. They chose to employ their power for their own purposes.

Angels provide an important model for how God approaches our lives. He wants us to realize that He has given us great power and authority. But we, too, must operate within the bounds He has established, always remembering that we owe everything to Him.

Throughout our lives, we are never to be like Satan, rebelling against God or asserting our own will. We must not seek our own agendas or pursue selfish goals.

Instead of being dominated by pride or seeking our own kingdom, we must be dedicated to serving God. We need to recognize our limits, realizing that there are things we do not know.

Today, make sure to always stay humble, continually seeking God for wisdom and direction. Seek first His Kingdom, and focus on fulfilling His calling on your life. Maintain the attitude of a child, trusting and obeying Him with childlike purity and innocence (Mark 10:15).