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Born into a family of musicians, Johann Sebastian Bach was only 18 when, in 1703, he gained his first permanent position, as organist of the “New Church” in Arnstadt (located in eastern Germany of today).

Clearly, Bach had natural abilities, but he was not content with the ordinary. Showing initiative, on several occasions he walked long distances to study and hear other musicians.

Most dramatically, when he was 19, Bach requested a leave of absence to travel to Lübeck and hear the famed organist, Dieterich Buxtehude. Bach is said to have walked the entire journey, more than 250 miles. To Bach, this was worth the investment. During his three months in Lübeck, Bach would learn skills that would help make him perhaps the most revered, influential musician of all time.

Bach was not content to accept what was “good enough.” He passionately wanted more.

This principle also applies to our Christian faith. Proverbs describes the passion of a person who truly desires to grow in wisdom and understanding. This begins with a commitment not just to read God’s Word, but to treasure it…to hunger for wisdom…and to “search for it as for hidden treasures.”

If we demonstrate this dedication, the Bible promises that we will “understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.”

Bach did not know all the wonders that awaited him when he walked to Lübeck, but the process changed his life. What riches does God have in store for you? You will never know until you seek Him diligently, cry out for the extraordinary, seek His knowledge, and develop a passion for His Word.