Influencing Others

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Absalom is a complex figure. Shrewd and clever. Handsome and charismatic. But also proud and arrogant. He murdered his brother and led an unsuccessful civil war in an attempt to dethrone his father as Israel’s king. Yet his life provides a fascinating account of the process by which we can influence others.

Absalom won favor with the common people of Israel because of how he treated them. Showing initiative, he wooed them, listened to them, and convinced them he cared about their problems. And he gave people hope that he could help them with their problems. Through these actions, he won the support of much of the country in a relatively short time.

Today, as throughout history, these same techniques have proven to be effective in politics and business, in communities and relationships. Even among Christians! Why? Because these methods are based on basic Biblical principles.

The Bible reminds us that God is the one who ultimately grants favor. He can supernaturally change hearts and open doors. He can enable us to do what seems impossible. However, the Bible also reminds us that we can influence the response of others through our words and actions.

If we want this kind of favor with others, we must apply Biblical principles. This means showing compassion and concern, letting people know that we really care. Instead of focusing on ourselves, it requires us to listen and show a genuine interest in the problems of others. We must demonstrate the love of God, pray for people’s needs, and seek to give them hope.

Today, be a good example of a person whose life has been transformed. Seek to influence others, and point them to Jesus.