What Influences You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

William Randolph Hearst learned how to influence what people thought, and even what they did. How? By controlling the information that received. By guiding the “news.” In the process, he became among the most powerful men in America.

Born on this day in 1863, he entered the media business after his father acquired the failing San Francisco Examiner newspaper. Gradually, he received additional power until 1887, when he was given control. In many ways, he was an innovator, hiring talented writers (like Mark Twain) and investing in the latest equipment.

He made his mark through a style that became known as “yellow journalism,” with sensationalistic headlines and stories often filled with rumors and half-truths. The results were dramatic as circulation increased and the paper prospered.

Eventually, his papers were read by a quarter of the total U.S. population. He used this visibility to promote his own views. Perhaps most famously, his support became a deciding factor in America’s war against Spain in 1898. Many opposed this conflict, but through his actions Hearst demonstrated his ability to manipulate the news, and shape popular opinion.

Hearst set an example that many in the media still follow. Not just reporting the news but slanting stories to achieve their objectives. To promote their own lifestyles and beliefs.

The Bible warns us to be careful what we allow into our minds. What we see and hear. To realize that many want to shape what we think and believe. Make sure that you stay focused on God. Fill your mind with His Word. Seek to please Him, serve Him, and obey Him.