Indecision and Uncertainty

Indecision and Uncertainty

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The ocean can seem like a place of endless energy, with gusting winds and currents that can propel ships long distances. But there are pockets where unexpected things happen. One such place is called the “doldrums.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration defines the doldrums as a “belt around the Earth near the equator where sailing ships sometimes get stuck on windless waters.” Here, winds from the northern and southern hemispheres collide, with often unsettling consequences.

At times, there simply is no wind at all. But this total calm can turn violent in minutes. And temperatures can fluctuate wildly. A participant in a major yacht race described this as “incredibly frustrating.” He cited a particular instance where he experienced “a huge black wall of cloud from one horizon to the other.”

Authors Gianni Guadalupi and Antony Shugaar point out that “doldrums” is derived from “tantrum,” as if nature itself was having a tantrum. This word has entered the common vocabulary, defined as “a spell of listlessness or despondency; a state of bafflement; a quandary.”

Many people experience doldrum-like experiences in their lives. Wild swings from indecision to swirling activity. Sometimes they feel so buffeted by forces outside themselves that they can’t decide what to do.

If we face doldrum-like moments, the Bible reminds us that, as believers, we can apply the principles in God’s Word. But we also can cry out to Him, and seek His wisdom. And we can expect His answers, as we ask in faith, and call on Him with confidence.