Increasing in Confidence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Moses did not want to return to Egypt. He initially resisted God’s command to confront Pharaoh.

This reluctance was clear when God spoke to him from the burning bush and gave him this assignment. All Moses could do was think about himself, wondering “Who am I?”

Even after God assured him, Moses continued to resist. After arriving in Egypt, he still had doubts. And through his first encounters with Pharaoh, Moses seemed tentative and passive. But with each encounter he became more confident.

In his last encounter, Moses was angry as he left Pharaoh’s presence. That indecisive, timid man seemed to have gone through a complete transformation. He had become totally committed to God and His purposes, able to speak with firmness and without fear. He could be uncompromising, even though he spoke with the most powerful person in the world. Moses was trusting totally in God and putting that faith into action.

In your life, have you ever felt the kind of uncertainty and doubt Moses experienced? Have you ever been reluctant to do the things you feel God has called you to do?

Just like Moses, remember that you can trust in God and know that He is with you, in every situation, no matter whom you face. Just like Moses, you can be freed from fear and doubt, no matter how timid you might have been in the past.

As you surrender to God and step out in faith, He can give you more confidence. Instead of focusing on yourself and your own feelings, trust in Him and move forward in obedience.

Remember, He is with you. He has called you, and He will enable you to accomplish His purposes.