In Love with Our Savior

In Love with Our Savior

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many approach their faith like a set of rules and obligations, mostly traditions and regulations. But for some this is much deeper, much more personal. It is a love relationship with Jesus. Through the centuries, some have turned to the Song of Solomon to find words that express this relationship. We see this devotion celebrated in “O Jesu, Thou the Beauty Art,” a hymn written more than a thousand years ago.

Bernard of Clairvaux, called by Martin Luther “the best monk who ever lived,” wrote these words. This was consistent with his life as a well-educated man with a passion for poetry and literature, inspired by his love of the Bible.

This hymn celebrates a deep love for Jesus. He is described as beautiful, with a name that “is music to the heart, enchanting it with love.” Jesus alone can fill the void in our lives. Those who truly love Him are overwhelmed by His presence. “To Thee mine inmost spirit cries.” He is our “hope and end!” We look to Him to illumine our hearts and minds and “scatter the darkness of our night.” He is “our life and joy! To Thee be praise, beatitude, and power through all eternity.”

How would you describe your relationship with Jesus? Don’t be content with a cold, formal attitude. Seek to spend time with Him and to fellowship with Him. Remember, He loves you.