In Jesus’ Presence

In Jesus’ Presence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible describes a woman who so loved her man that she was enraptured with his presence, his touch, his appearance. To her, he was special, and they didn’t have an ordinary relationship. Like the most magical of romances, she felt incomplete without him. The imagery of fruit and sitting in his shadow indicates that she found great delight just being close to him.

All around her were many other people, but he was different. He was like an apple tree in a forest, pleasant to the eye, filled with life. His words were nourishing, and she felt transformed by His very presence. He provided a satisfaction that no one else gave her.

This is the picture of the relationship we are to have with Jesus. Many throughout time have thought of Him as a prophet, a teacher, and a man with great wisdom. He is all those things, but so much more. And as the imagery found in the Song of Solomon reminds us, He desires that we develop a love relationship with Him.

Reading His Words should not be an obligation, but a joy. We should not approach prayer with a sense of duty, but with excitement and anticipation. Simply, we should love being in His presence. We should love to sit with Him as if we are in His shadow, love fellowshipping with Him, and delight in hearing His words.