Impossible Obstacles

Impossible Obstacles

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

John Stanley seemed unlikely to have a productive life. Born on this day in 1712, he lost almost all of his sight when only two years old. Yet through diligence and persistence, he went on to become one of England’s most celebrated musicians.

He began music lessons when he was seven. His teacher commented that he studied “with great diligence,” achieving “astonishing” success. By the age of nine, he was playing the organ at a major London church.

Stanley went on to become the leading English organist of his day, even called “the best organist in Europe.” Stanley was also an outstanding violinist. He became a worldclass composer, attracting huge crowds to performances of his own works. In 1729 he became the youngest person ever to receive a bachelor’s of music degree from Oxford University.

Stanley did not let his limitations prevent him from having a productive life. But many people don’t have this attitude. They go through life feeling defeated and hopeless, assuming they never could succeed. We see this attitude in many people who approached Jesus. But He demonstrated that, with God, nothing is impossible. He can use every experience and characteristic for His glory.

In your life, be ready to use your experiences and the unique gifts you have been given. Be persistent. Believe God for miracles. Put your faith into action.