Immediate Help

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David needed help, and he needed it soon! He asked God to “hasten” to deliver him and not to delay. He was pursued by people who did not care about him, and delighted when he stumbled. He prayed that they would be “turned back and dishonored,” hoping they would regret their delight at his problems.

Then, he commanded all who seek God to “rejoice and be glad” in Him. No matter how they felt, or what was happening, he said they never should stop saying, “Let God be magnified.”

At the time, based on the problems he was experiencing, it may have seemed difficult for David to be grateful and feel victorious. But he determined to declare God’s praises, regardless of circumstances.

In your life, you may share situations like the one David went through. It is important to continue trusting in God, to rejoice and be glad in Him, even when circumstances do not seem favorable. Even when there doesn’t appear to be hope. Remember that the Bible commands you to praise the Lord at all times (Psalm 34:1), even when you don’t feel like it.

If you feel overwhelmed and in need, cry out for God’s help. If you have moments of doubt, renew your faith in Him. Declare the promises in His Word, and realize that they are true for you!

Never hesitate to seek Him, always remembering that He is your help! No matter what you go through, be thankful, and praise and worship Him. Say continually, day and night, “Let God be magnified.”