Idols in Our Hearts

Idols in Our Hearts

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Several leaders wanted Ezekiel to give them direction from God. They said they genuinely were interested in hearing from Him. But He knew the truth about their hearts, their motives, and their lives. He knew, in fact, that they were not telling the truth.

In fact, they had “set up idols in their hearts.” Ultimately, they were not completely committed to Him. They even had “embraced things that led them into sin.” The sad fact was that they didn’t seem to be aware of the true condition of their hearts.

But, because of this lack of sincerity, He would not speak to them.

This same condition can happen to any one of us. How easily we can allow idols in our hearts, and embrace things that lead into sin, without even recognizing it. These sins can block the flow of God’s Spirit and come between ourselves and Him.

We need to open our lives before God through prayer and ask Him to reveal if there is sin in our lives. We must give Him permission to explore everything in our hearts and minds, and be ready to confess our sins. And we must be committed to live according to His Word, and make the measuring stick for our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

In your life, remember why it is so important that you are clean in His sight. Don’t let sin block the flow of His Spirit. And don’t let anything in this life develop into an idol for you. Submit everything to God. Then, be sensitive to His voice. Ready to listen, and serve Him.