I Want to Be a Christian

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Sir, I want to be a Christian.” This was the sincere request of a slave in conversation with a minister in 1756, a time when such a conversation could have seemed awkward at best. But these are the kinds of requests that God delights to grant.

The simplicity of this request became the inspiration for a spiritual that’s still sung today. The words reveal the honest convictions of a soul who comes to Jesus, convinced that He had the answers.

The verses of the song echo the many ways we need Jesus: “Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart… I want to be more loving in my heart… I want to be more holy in my heart… I want to be more like Jesus in my heart.”

How easily we can make the process of being a Christian, and living the Christian life, so complicated. Ultimately, each of us just needs to be like that slave and simply come to Jesus. We can come to Him for healing and forgiveness. Wisdom or guidance. Peace and comfort. Or freedom.

What problems are you facing? Are you trusting in yourself or your job? The world or your friends? Your resources and abilities? Or are you looking to Jesus?

Don’t make it complicated. Be honest. Pray from your heart. Come to Jesus just as you are for whatever you need. He is ready to hear you and help you.