I Know My Faith Is Founded

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Erdmann Neumeister changed the course of Christian music. Born on this day in 1671 in northern Germany, he lectured at the University of Leipzig before becoming a pastor and serving in several important positions.

His greatest impact was through his writing. Donald Grout and Claude Palisca describe Neumeister as a theologian and a poet with “decidedly Pietist leanings [who] introduced a new kind of sacred poetry for musical setting.” Neumeister used the Italian term “cantata” to describe this music. His words “brought the meaning of the day’s scripture home to the individual worshiper.” Johann Sebastian Bach and other leading composers wrote music to his texts.

Neumeister declared his own personal testimony through a hymn that he wrote in 1718, known in English as “I Know My Faith Is Founded.” He declared that his faith was “founded on Jesus Christ, my God and Lord; and this my faith confessing, unmoved I stand upon His Word.”

Even in his time, the Gospel was being assaulted by critics, but Neumeister affirmed, “Man’s reason cannot fathom the truth of God profound; who trusts her subtle wisdom relies on shifting ground.” He knew that “God’s Word is all sufficient.” Because of the Word, “my faith shall rest secure.”

He knew that “Satan seeks by night and day to rob me of this treasure and take my hope of bliss away.” But because God was beside him, he could be “unafraid” and “undismayed.”

His prayer was, “In faith, Lord, let me serve Thee; though persecution, grief and pain should seek to overwhelm me, let me a steadfast trust retain.”

Today, make sure that your faith is founded upon Jesus Christ and not on the changing standards of this world. Stand on God’s unchanging Word.