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It all began with Thespis. Known to have been the first actor in Greek drama, his first onstage appearance is said to have taken place on this day in 534 BC at the Dionysia festival near Athens. In his honor, actors today sometimes are referred to as “thespians.”

Actually, however, many others before Thespis engaged in “acting”—pretending to be one thing, while, in reality, they were quite different.

For example, the Bible describes how David “pretended to be insane” (1 Samuel 21:11-13 NLT). The strategy worked, and King Achish of Gath was convinced by David’s act.

Many people approach their spiritual lives like actors. The Bible calls such people “hypocrites.” In fact, the Greek word means an actor, someone who plays a role.

Jesus had harsh things to say about hypocrites. Instead of allowing their hearts to be changed, they merely were seeking attention, without any concern for pleasing God. This is how they approached activities like prayer, fasting, and giving alms.

Hypocrites were more interested in testing Jesus than in finding truth (Matthew 22:18). Their focus was on legalism and rules rather than on helping people experience God’s blessings. They wanted to look holy, but weren’t concerned that “inside they are full of robbery and self-indulgence.” Jesus warned that hypocrites like this would never enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 23:13-51).

Today, many people are hypocrites. Even people in the church, who may think they are Christians. They fail to realize that God looks at their hearts as well as their deeds. He’s looking for those who aren’t acting, but who are genuine.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Remember that God knows your heart. You can fool other people, but you never can fool Him. Let Him transform you!