Hunger for God

Hunger for God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Beginning in 1801, America was swept by what became known as camp meetings. This movement began with a mighty revival that took place in Cane Ridge, Kentucky. Soon, camp meetings sprang up throughout the region.

In his first-hand account, Peter Cartwright described how people would come from “forty to fifty miles around, sometimes further than that.” The crowds were so large that special buildings had to be built. Some camp meetings lasted as long as four weeks.

Cartwright recalled, “I have seen more than a hundred sinners fall like dead men under one powerful sermon, and I have seen and heard more than five hundred Christians all shouting aloud the high praises of God at once.”

Skeptics mocked those who attended camp meetings, and some “old starched” preachers spoke out against them. But Cartwright observed, “the work went on and spread almost in every direction, gathering additional force, until our country seemed all coming home to God.”

Camp meetings changed America because people hungered for God. How about you? How concerned are you about seeking God? Do you crave His Word? How hungry are you for more of His presence?

Remember that His power is the same as it was during these camp meetings. Don’t let anything stop you. Seek Him with your whole heart. Pray for revival in your church, your family, and your country among government and business leaders. Hunger for a more intimate relationship with God!