Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What would you consider the “best advice” you ever received? Forbes magazine recently asked this question to some of the most distinguished people in the business and academic communities.

As he thought about this question, a prominent professor at a major university recalled a discussion with a man who had been remarkably successful. The professor asked, “How does it feel to be the top guy in the world in your field?” The answer was surprising: “There’s a real disappointment.”

The professor was puzzled by this response. But the business leader described how, at one time, he looked up at the people who were successful and assumed that “those guys are really smart!” But, after he had achieved success in his own life, the businessman realized that he was “looking down,” and thinking, “If nobody is smarter than I am, the world is really hurting.”

The professor recalled that this “had such a profound impact on me” and helped him realize that “what you need is a fundamental humility—the belief that you can learn from anyone.”

As this professor realized, pride can be a real stumbling block, for anyone. Many people fail to experience God’s full blessing because, in Paul’s words, they think of themselves more highly than they ought to think. The Bible reminds us of the importance of humility. To realize how pride can be a poisoning influence. That’s why we should cultivate the attitude of a servant, and be kind to everyone.

In your life, be on guard against arrogance or pride. Seek to stay humble before God. Cry out for His wisdom, and be sensitive to His Spirit. He has much more to reveal to you.