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“She fell on her face…‘Why have I found favor in your sight that you should take notice of me, since I am a foreigner?’ Boaz replied to her, ‘All that you have done for your mother-in-law…has been fully reported to me…May the LORD reward your work, and your wages be full from the LORD, the God of Israel.’” Ruth 2:10-12 NASB

She seemed to have no qualifications. In fact, Ruth seemed to be disqualified for every possible reward or position, with no chance to be successful in Israel.

She was not Jewish, but came from Moab, Israel’s historic enemy. She had no royal blood or political connections. She was not famous, and did not have an impressive resume. In fact, when she arrived in Bethlehem, she was just a widow, with few resources, known to no one but her mother-in-law, Naomi.

Yet Ruth soon became one of Israel’s most prominent citizens as the wife of Boaz. Unlike many in the world, she did not achieve this transformation by trying to manipulate others or promote herself. Instead, she was distinguished because of her humility. She was faithful and had a servant attitude. She showed initiative, working in the fields, fulfilling her commitment to love and support her mother-in-law.

This success is a testimony to Biblical principles. For the Bible tells us that God hates pride (Proverbs 8:13). That pride brings us low, but a humble spirit is the path to obtain honor (Proverbs 29:23). If you want to receive His blessings, just think about Ruth.


Prayer: Father, forgive me for pride. I humble myself before You. My desire is to serve You. I seek first Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.