Humbled and Tested

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

So often in history, God demonstrated His desire to bless His people, provide for them, and protect them. He loved them so much that He performed miracles for them and gave them the resources they needed. But He also cared enough for them that He guided them in ways that were for their long-term good, although not necessarily what they expected or desired at the moment.

Part of the process of receiving these blessings was being humbled and tested. God did not do this to deprive them of blessings or punish them. He simply wanted them to be prepared to receive the abundance He planned for them. And He wanted them to realize that all these blessings came from Him.

God often works the same way in our lives today. He is ready to bless us, but He also knows that people often forget what they owe to Him and are not prepared to handle the blessings He wants to provide. As part of that preparation, He often may test us and humble us.

God wanted Israel to recognize that He gave them the ability to “produce wealth.” The same applies to us. He knows that those who have been humbled and tested are more likely to give Him the glory and keep their abundance in perspective.

Today, remember that God has promised great blessings for you, and He has prepared great rewards just for you. Demonstrate that you are ready for these blessings by being a good steward of the resources you have been given. Seek to follow His leading in your life.

And, if you feel tested, stay faithful and diligent. He is preparing you for greater rewards and blessings.