Human Limitations

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Sadducees tried to trap Jesus with a theological question. They wanted to force Him to say something that could get Him in trouble, alienate His followers, or be used against Him. His answer reflected a divine wisdom that they never expected. Wisdom and insight that was beyond their comprehension.

For many of us, it might seem inevitable to be like these Sadducees, limited by our experience. Shaping our conclusions according to our personal understanding of circumstances, history, and other people. How easily we can be limited by doubt, the flesh, and our own limited expectations!

But the Bible reminds us that God has promised us much more. His revelation. His wisdom. His power. But we can’t rely on our own understanding. We need faith. And we need a supernatural revelation. To be filled with His Spirit. To stand on His Word.

How many problems could be solved if we were not constrained by human limitations? What could be possible if we truly sought God’s wisdom?

A heart and mind surrendered to the Bible are immersed in the changeless perfection, power, and possibilities of His pure Word. As we know and hunger for His power, and seek the wisdom and insight of His Spirit, we can experience a new dimension of life, vitality, excitement, and faith.

When you face challenges and problems, remember Jesus’ example. Don’t assume that the standard answers are the only answers. Don’t just go along with the crowd and do what is expected or popular.

Ask God to open your heart and mind. To give you a revelation of the depth of His truth, that you might receive supernatural revelation. That you might be bold enough to think “outside the box,” and reject limited human thinking. That God might reveal more of His true power and the depth of the Scriptures.