How to Receive Nothing

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There is a guaranteed way to receive nothing: Do nothing! We see this principle in operation in the life of farmers: If farmers do nothing, they will reap nothing. If they don’t Sow Seeds, there won’t be any Seeds in the ground to grow. If they don’t tend to their soil, they will limit the size of their crops.

The Bible illustrates this point by describing “the sluggard.” These are people who do “not plow after the autumn.” They do not plant Seeds or work toward a Harvest. Why? Perhaps they just are lazy or forgot. Perhaps they are busy or preoccupied. Perhaps they have drawn the wrong conclusions. But, for whatever reason, they do not plow. As a result, at Harvest time they have nothing.

This illustration provides principles that apply to all other areas of our lives. Like the farmer, we must start by thinking of the results we want: Love? Financial blessings? Skills? A new job? Personal growth?

Whatever results we seek, the Bible teaches that if we want something, we must Sow Seeds (Galatians 6:7). We must be faithful to put into action what God has given us. And, if we want to have a crop to Reap at Harvest time, we must begin now to Sow with the resources God has given us.

Of course, all good farmers desire rich Harvests, abundant crops, and maximum returns on their investments. They start with the results they desire and then act in a way that will generate those results.

Think about these pictures in your life. Remember that God has given you a life filled with “Seeds” of many kinds. These include your money, as well as your time and talent. Other Seeds include your love and abilities, your interests and unique experiences.

Make sure you’re not a sluggard! Be faithful and start Sowing. Invest in God’s Kingdom.