How the World Sees Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Herod longed to see Jesus. He had heard much about this Man. In fact, Jesus had become a subject of curiosity, and Herod was interested in being entertained.

He may have been intrigued by the power Jesus had displayed, but it seemed that Herod primarily wanted Jesus to put on a show and perform tricks or signs. He failed to realize that Jesus was not an entertainer. His power was real, but not as a source of entertainment. Instead, Jesus met the genuine needs of people who sought Him with a pure heart.

Finally, Herod got his wish, and Jesus stood before him. This led to an opportunity for Herod to work together with Pilate. These two men, formerly rivals, were united in their common reaction to Jesus. His presence also sparked a broadened consensus of criticism and judgment, as Herod and his soldiers joined the Jewish leaders to ridicule and mock Him.

Jesus was not surprised by these reactions, and you should be prepared for them today as well. In your interaction with the world, you, too, will see some reacting to the Gospel out of curiosity—interested, but not willing to surrender their lives or follow Jesus. Others just want entertainment, not a life-changing encounter with the Son of God. You can expect hostility and opposition at times, and you’ll also discover that varying forces may work together, forgetting their differences, to fight against the cause of Christ.

Jesus was ready for these responses. Ask God to help you be prepared! Surrender to the Holy Spirit. Be sensitive to His leading, and let Him guide you.