How Others See Jesus

How Others See Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Herod was exceedingly glad to see Jesus. Why? He was curious. He had heard much about this man, and he wanted to learn more for himself. But in many ways, Herod probably just wanted to be entertained. After hearing about miracles Jesus had performed, he wanted to see some firsthand.

In his quest to learn more, Herod questioned Him with many words. Perhaps he goaded Jesus, eager for a response. Perhaps he was hoping Jesus would defend Himself with some miraculous display. Yet Jesus would not play this game. In fact, He answered him nothing (v. 9).

Many people have a similar view of Jesus. For some He is a subject of curiosity. Others want to be entertained, seeking signs and wonders or a sensational spectacle for their amusement. But like Herod, such people end up disappointed when Jesus won’t cooperate.

The Bible reminds us that Jesus came to proclaim the Good News. To meet people’s needs. To heal the sick and teach people about the power of God.

But Jesus did not come to be an entertainer. While He disappointed people like Herod, He met the needs of the thousands who sought Him with a pure heart.

What is your attitude toward Jesus? How do you approach Him? Is He simply a figure from history? An intriguing man who started a religious movement? A good teacher? Or is He the Lord of your life? Do you have a real, intimate relationship with Him?