Hopeless Circumstances

Hopeless Circumstances

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people of Bethlehem were excited when Naomi returned home. She had lived in Moab for several years. But she reported that her life had been filled with problems. She was full when she left Bethlehem but returned “empty.” She no longer wanted to be called Naomi, which means my delight. Instead, she wanted to be called Mara, a word meaning bitterness. She sensed that God had “dealt very bitterly with [her].”

What caused her such despair? While living in Moab, her husband and both of her sons had died. She was left a widow, and only her daughter-in-law Ruth came back with her. It seemed like a situation without any hope.

Naomi did not realize that God had a plan for her even in a situation that seemed hopeless. Within a short time, Ruth would marry Boaz, a wealthy, God-fearing man who would take care of them and make sure every need was met.

Today, you may face a situation that seems hopeless. You may be discouraged and ready to give up. Circumstances may seem bleak. Obstacles may seem overwhelming. But the Bible assures us that God knows everything about your situation and the problems you face. He has a plan for you.

Right now, put your faith in Him. Trust Him to meet every need. Stay faithful to Him and keep sowing seeds into His kingdom. Trust Him to give you the breakthrough you need.