Hope in God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Can money buy happiness? Many people are convinced that it can, but recent research demonstrates why this premise isn’t true.

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported the reaction of people when they experienced an increase in income. The major result was that the increase simply changed their expectations.

Suddenly their aspirations and standards increased. Things that were once considered luxuries became “necessities.” As a result, “the psychological benefit of economic growth” was canceled. People still had the same stress, worry, and needs. They weren’t happier.

The report noted that although there have been major gains in per capita production in the U.S. since World War II, “life satisfaction has barely budged.” And in other countries such as Japan, there has been a “stupendous rise” in per capita production, “yet measures of national happiness have been flat.”

The Bible warns us about the futility and “uncertainty” that comes from trusting in worldly riches and trying to buy happiness. This pitfall has been proven over and over again, in generation after generation. Yet many continue to crave earthly riches just to experience ultimate disappointment.

The problem is when we seek to be “rich in this present world” and assume that such things can bring satisfaction, joy, and happiness. How wrong we are! Those blessings only can come from God.

Today, don’t fix your hope on the things of the world. Instead, trust in God. Commit your time, talent, and treasure to Him. Sow into His Kingdom from the resources He has given you. Expect a Harvest as you look to Him. He promises to provide everything you need and to give you His peace, joy, satisfaction, and lasting happiness.