Honest with God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesJuly 14, 20181 Minutes

The “Moonlight Sonata,” composed for the piano by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1801, is so provocative that it has been employed in many programs and films, and provided the background for many romantic moments.

The “moonlight” name did not originate with Beethoven but with a poet who felt the music gave him a sense of a boat floating in the moonlight on a lake. But that serenity only applies to the sonata’s opening movement. In sharp contrast, the final movement feels like an explosion of outrage and fury. Incredibly, during its premiere, several piano strings snapped and “became entangled in the hammers.”

Beethoven often expressed his emotions through his music. How do you deal with your emotions? The Bible encourages us to have an honest relationship with God. To talk with Him about our questions, feelings, and concerns. It is in the context of this honest relationship that we find ourselves renewed.

The Bible is filled with honest comments and questions from believers. In particular, many Psalms were written in moments of struggle and doubt.

Today, have an honest conversation with God. As you share your concerns, remember that He is with you. He still is your help and deliverer. Your Rock. Fill your life with praise.