Hoarding or Giving?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible described a “grievous evil.” What exactly was so evil? It was “riches being hoarded by their owner to his hurt.”

This person had been blessed abundantly by God, but had “hoarded” these blessings. He did not invest them in the lives of others or support the work of God. No. He was not generous but only thought of himself, indulging in personal passions and interests.

But events of life demonstrated that he was shortsighted. Through various economic activities, his wealth diminished. Then, when he needed money, nothing was left. Sadly, too late, he learned that everything in life is temporary. He was born with nothing, and would die with nothing.

Many people are like this rich man. Merely thinking about themselves and their personal pleasures. Not caring about eternal things, or the Kingdom of God. And not concerned about the needs of others.

The Bible tells us God gives His blessings and eternal riches to those who do not hoard but rather give. Who invest in the lives of others. Who seek first His Kingdom. Who realize that God has blessed them that they might be a blessing to others.

Today, ask yourself what you are doing with the resources God has given to you. Look for opportunities to invest these resources in the lives of others. As Jesus said (Matthew 25:43), seek to meet the needs of the poor and hungry. To clothe the naked. To visit those in prison. To pray for the sick. To seek first His Kingdom. To make investments that will pay dividends, here on earth, and into eternity.