His People

His People

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As happened often, David had to work through the crises he faced. He had to figure out what they meant and what to do.

In this psalm, he began by expressing his honest thoughts toward God – His sense that God had rejected them and even made them “experience hardship.” He reminded God that Israel was His “beloved” (v. 5); he prayed for His help.

David might have thought of God as being distant and separate, but He reminded David that they were completely connected. God saw everything from the perspective of His ownership – they were His people, and He knew everything about their situation. And He reminded David that He was holy and sovereign.

In the end, David declared His confidence in God. He was certain that through Him, they would “do valiantly.” God Himself would defeat their adversaries.

This perspective still is true. God still is holy. He cannot change. He always does what is right. As we pray, we can be reminded of His love for us and the fact that we are His people. We also must remember that God is sovereign. He has a plan for the world, for each nation, and for each of us.

As you think about the challenges you face, remember that God is sovereign and holy. And He loves you. Rest in His love. Think about His faithfulness. Remember, you can depend on Him and trust Him unconditionally.