Higher Thoughts

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The world is filled with opinions. We hear them every day. The analysis of “experts.” Criticisms. Options developed by professionals. The advice of friends. The decisions of governments.

As we listen, the Bible calls us to remember that every human mind has limits. That all of our knowledge is partial. In contrast, God is beyond time. His knowledge is complete. His thoughts and ways are “higher” than ours. This is why we need to depend on Him.

The good news is that He has given us His Word. This is why it is so important that we read and study the Bible. Our lives change when we know His promises, when we stand not on the shifting sand of human opinions but on the rock of His Word.

We also must remember that He fulfills His promises in His time. That His answers may come in ways that we might not expect. The Bible compares His Word to snow and rain. These forms of moisture can be different, depending on the temperature and season.

This provides a picture of how His Word is fulfilled. At times, we might experience blessing in torrents like rain in the tropics. At other times, it may fall like a steady spring shower, or a gentle mist. Like snow, it can be blinding in intensity, or just drift gently into our lives.

Whatever your situation, remember to trust God. To depend upon His Word, confident that His ways are higher than your ways.