Higher Levels

Higher Levels

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

An important function of the Supreme Court is evaluating laws established by various legislative bodies and rulings made by lower courts. The Supreme Court, as the highest law in the land, determines such issues under its jurisdiction: Do lower courts really have the right to make the rulings they have made? Do lesser legislative bodies really have the authority to enact the laws they have created?

Through these rulings, the Supreme Court illustrates its preeminence with a Biblical principle: Within God’s promises and the laws that apply to His people are different levels and hierarchies.

For example, Hebrews tells us that Jesus obtained a “more excellent ministry,” compared to other ministries. The other ministries, in their own ways, were true and important. His simply is “more excellent.” Jesus also is the mediator of a “better covenant” that was enacted on “better promises.” Others were important, but the covenants and promises concerning Jesus are “better” and supersede previous ones.

God made various covenants with His people throughout the Old Testament, and each time He created a new one, the previous one (or at least parts of it) became obsolete. Jesus came as the fulfillment of the Old Testament covenants, thereby proving His superiority.

These are important principles in understanding our faith, particularly as we consider Jesus. He is that much more important and authoritative. That different. That superior. Let these truths strengthen your faith today.