Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The world is full of people with opinions about everything from fashion to culture. Many are intelligent and can make convincing arguments. But the Bible reminds us that another dimension is more important: the spiritual dimension.

This dimension begins with our relationship with God and realizing that His Word is not an option to consider but the truth. The fact is that He is the Creator. He designed the laws that rule the universe. He is the force behind every principle.

The Bible also urges us to know Jesus as our Savior and Lord. He is far more than just a teacher or a wise man. Paul described that in Him “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Knowing Jesus enables us to be “complete.” He gives us balance – spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional.

Many in the world deny this perspective. Some reject the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible. These false teachers can be very “persuasive” and deceptive.

How can you be sure of what to believe? Whom to trust? Be sure that you stand on the Rock. Fill your heart and mind with His Word. Develop a more intimate relationship with God, spending dedicated time in prayer. Make sure that Jesus is the Lord of your life.

Remember that spiritual treasures might be “hidden,” but diligent study and digging for deeper riches yields rewards.