Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Who are our heroes? We often think of celebrities, explorers, athletes, and others who have broken records or done memorable things. But the fact is that there are many ways people can become our “heroes,” even those who lived in relative obscurity.

We think of men like Carl  “Alphabet” Johnson (who earned his nickname because of the initials in his name). Coming to America from Sweden in the mid Nineteenth century, he devoted his life to ministering to immigrants. He traveled throughout the U.S., preaching, teaching, and pastoring churches in places ranging from Illinois to Idaho.

This grueling life required commitment. The schedule eventually took its toll, and his physical condition began to deteriorate. Yet he continued to preach. There were occasions when he barely could walk, when his son, just a teenager, carried his father into the pulpit. Yet he preached with such conviction that souls were saved and lives were changed.

Few people today know about Alphabet Johnson. But we can be confident that God knows all he did, and that he will receive appropriate rewards in eternity.

In the midst of a psalm focusing on God’s faithfulness, David paused to reflect on particular people who he considered his “true heroes.” People who made a difference, and who provided examples for him to follow. People whom he admired and appreciated.

All of us need heroes like that. People to whom we can look up, and who can be examples to follow. People like Alphabet Johnson, who cared more about ministry than personal pleasures. Who had the right priorities and dedicated their lives to serving God, whether or not it was convenient, in every kind of condition.

Who are the “heroes” in your life? Seek to be a role model for others, and live in such a way that you become an example for them.