Heritage and History

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Genealogies have become an obsession with people of all ages. The investigation of their past. Studying diaries and census records. Doing DNA testing. Exploring libraries. Visiting cemeteries.

This obsession has spawned television programs that search for information about relatives of previous generations, both the familiar and the obscure. These quests often reveal information that previously was not known. This can be an emotional ordeal, full of surprises. The search can reveal relationships to kings and saints, but also to criminals and scoundrels.

The Bible is filled with these kinds of records. Sometimes these genealogies reveal insights into people who may be familiar. Sometimes these merely list names, including those for whom we have no details.

As we read these records, we are reminded of our own journey. Our own history. We remember that each name is connected with a real person with a personal history. And as we probe deeper many amazing details emerge. And in the process we learn many things not only about our ancestors but also ourselves.

This process can provide a clearer glimpse of our history and heritage. We realize anew how much we owe to our families and our past. This is true biologically, as we inherit genes, personality characteristics, and common traits. We discover the roots of our own interests, passions, and preferences.

These can be important moments for us spiritually. To realize how much we owe to the men and women of the Bible. The people throughout history who have sacrificed and labored. And we think about those who have been influences on us. Our teachers. Pastors. Family. Those who taught us the Bible. Those who have taught us about faith and prayer.

Today, think about your past. Be ready to show gratitude. Be humbled. And help pass on these insights to future generations.