Here Is Love

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many Christians in Wales at the end of the 19th century feared that their country was lost. One leader wrote that “nothing short of an outpouring of the Spirit from on high [could] save our land from becoming a prey to atheism and ungodliness.” Filled with deepening burdens, many began praying with increased fervor, burdened for their land, longing for a move of the Holy Spirit.

Then, in 1904, there was a mighty revival. Thousands turned from sin, were saved, and filled with the Spirit. The impact was dramatic.

Music played a vital role in this revival. The sentiments of many hearts were captured in a Welsh hymn written in 1870 by William Reed (a Welsh hymn), in English called, “Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean.” This became known as, “The Love Song of the Welsh Revival.”

In the English translation, Reed used water-related references to describe how overwhelmed he was by God’s love. It was “vast as the ocean,” like a flood, when Jesus “shed for us His precious blood.” Reed knew that this love was unforgettable. He asked, “Who can cease to sing His praise?”

Because of Jesus, we can experience “the floodgates of God’s mercy.” We can experience “grace and love, like mighty rivers, poured incessant from above.” A world filled with guilt can experience God’s peace, perfect justice, and love.

Reed acknowledged that he needed God to direct him “by Thy Spirit through Thy Word.” That he depended on God’s grace to trust in Him. He was so grateful that out of His fullness He was pouring His great love and power on him. And “without measure, full and boundless” he felt God “drawing out my heart to Thee.”

Today, don’t take God for granted. Thank Him. Remember! He loves you!